Friday, December 03, 2021
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The BIIBC Under 25 Junior International Series will be played under the  World Bowls  Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition with the following exceptions:

1. Each bowl must bear:

A current new World Bowls Stamp (oval rugby ball shape) or a valid WBB stamp

2. Four rinks of four players will represent each nation.

3. Players must be Under 25 years of age on  30th September of the playing season.

4. Each game will consist of 21 ends, excluding trial ends within a time limit of 4

hours to the casting of the last jack and the end must be completed. At the end of

the 4 hours a bell will be rung and the umpire will declare “No Jack” but the end

in progress must be played to a finish.

5. All players shall be present and ready to start each game not later than 10 minutes

before the scheduled time.

6. The Team Managers shall toss a coin to determine the right to play first. The winner of the toss shall have the option of either taking the mat and have the jack

and first bowl or allowing their opponent to have the mat, jack and first bowl.

7. During the course of the game, players are requested not to run after their bowls.

8. There will be no “Dead Ends”. In the event of a Jack being hit off over the side boundaries of the Rink, it will be replaced at one of the two predefined points on the Rink, which are half way between the centre line of the rink and the edge of the rink in line with the “T”. If the jack is hit off to the right of the rink it will be repositioned on the right predefined point. If the jack is hit off to the left of the rink it will be repositioned on the left predefined point. When the predefined point is occupied the jack will be repositioned at the nearest available position along a line between the predefined point and the “T”, but not touching an obstructing bowl. If the Jack is hit off the rink directly over the rear bank it will be placed on the “T”, when the “T” is occupied the Jack will be placed at the nearest point on the centre line of the rink, but not touching an obstructing bowl and not less than 2 metres from the ditch

9. In the event that an Umpire is called to determine the result of an end, the players

shall not participate in the measuring procedure(unless asked by the umpire) and

the decision of the umpire shall be final.

10. Two points are awarded to the winning team, in the event of a tie each team will

receive one point. A losing side will receive no points.

11. The winner of the tournament will be the team with the highest number of points.

In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points at the completion of the three games the winner will be decided on:

  • The team with the greatest number of shots difference.
  • If still equal ,the highest number of shots scored.
  • If still equal, the winner of the game between the two teams.

12. The side winning the BIIBC Junior Under 25 International Series shall hold the Joyce Brimble Trophy until the next series.

13. The Chief Umpires decision on all matters relating to the Laws of the Sport shall be final