Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Sponsors of the Warner Leisure Hotels BIIBC Senior Double Rink International Series

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2019/2020 BIIBC & BIWIBC

Calendar of Up Coming Events

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BIIBC would like to thank Inverclyde IBC,

Warners at Hayling Island, Arbroath IBC,

Stanley IBC & Llanelli IBC

for their help and support during the

2019/2020 season.


BIWIBC International Series at

Llanelli  - 6/7/8 March 2020


BIWIBC & BIIBC Championships at

Llanelli - 9/10/11 March 2020

Note. There are changes to the originally published schedule for the Championships.

BIIBC International Series  at

Llanelli - 12/13/14 March 2020

Tickets for the 2020 BIIBC Championships & International Series which are being held at Llanelli Indoor Bowls Club, Wales, between Fri. 6th March & Sat.14th March 2020 are only available to purchase from the BIIBC Chief Executive Officer at
David Phillips 50 Penyrheol Road, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 4GA
Cheques made payable to the BIIBC must accompany all orders.

Ladies International Series  Fri. 6 March - Sun 8 March

BIIBC Championships Mon. 9 March to Wed.11 March

Men's International Series Thurs 12 March to Sat 14 March.

All tickets are £5 per day.


The British Isles Indoor Bowls Council is the properly constituted body for the game of indoor bowls in the United Kingdom. Currently the constituent members are:



English Indoor   Bowling Association

The Association of Irish Indoor Bowls


The Scottish Indoor Bowling Association


Welsh Indoor Bowls Association

From 2000, the Channel Islands are involved in the playing of the BIIBC Championships.

Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association
Jersey Indoor Bowling Association

The Council has many functions but has been given specific responsibility for the organisation and presentation of the British Isles Championships and International Series. These now take place on an annual basis and the current practice is that that the International Week should rotate between the Four National Associations annually.

History of the B.I.I.B.C. International Series and Championships

The first International series was held in Paddington in 1936 when England were the winners.

In the early 1960’s with the advance of building techniques, clubs with six, seven and eight rinks began to be built. The game began to expand and to attract many new members. The International Series continued from 1949 uninterrupted to the present day.

In 1966 the Association of Irish Indoor Bowls played in its first International Series.

In 1967 the International Series was held in Belfast and to coincide with that event the British Isles Championships in Singles, Pairs and Fours was introduced. Over the years Junior Singles, Triples and Senior Fours have been added.

Each National Association is allowed one entry in each event, 15 bowlers in all.

In 2000 the Channel Islands were invited for a two-year trial period to send participants to play in the Championships.

The British Isles Championships are played off over three days between the Ladies and Gents International Series. What perhaps is significant is that the winners receive no prize money whatsoever. They are simply presented with a small medallion that they proudly display in their lapels.

The four National Associations play each other on a Round Robin basis. A team of six rinks i.e. 24 players’ plus four reserves represents each country. Two games take place each day with 48 players taking part, with each game lasting approximately four hours.

Two points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and the team at the top of the league at the end of the Series is declared the winner.

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