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The British Isles Indoor Bowls Council (BIIBC) is the properly constituted body for the sport of indoor bowls in the United Kingdom. Currently the constituent members are: English Indoor Bowls Association Limited, Scottish Indoor Bowling Association, Welsh Indoor Bowls Association, Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association, Association of Irish Indoor Bowls, Irish Women’s Indoor Bowls Association, Jersey Indoor Bowling Association and Guernsey Indoor Bowls Limited who are members under the title of the Channel Islands.


English Indoor   Bowling Association

The Association of Irish Indoor Bowls


The Scottish Indoor Bowling Association

Welsh   Indoor  Bowls Association

Irish Womens Indoor Bowls Association

Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association
Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association

Jersey Indoor Bowling Association

The BIIBC has specific responsibility for the organisation and presentation of the British Isles Championships which consists of Junior Singles(Under 25’s), Open Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Seniors Fours (Over 60’s) along with International Series at Junior Under 18, Junior Under 25, Senior Over 50’s and the open International Series.

These events take place on an annual basis and are currently rotated between England. Scotland,  Ireland & Wales.

Brief History of the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council

The first Men’s International Series was held in Paddington in 1936 and was contested by England, Scotland & Wales with England winning the series becoming the first winners of the R.B. Hilton Trophy. The series was held until 1939 and recommenced after World War Two in 1949 and has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

The first Ladies International Series organised by the British Isles Women’s Indoor Bowls Council was held in 1952 and England were the winners becoming the first holders of the Clara John Trophy, they went to win a further 10 consecutive titles until Scotland won their first title in 1963 which was very fitting as the series was held in Edinburgh.

The National Indoor Bowls Council   formed in 1955 and was the forerunner of the BIIBC and consisted of England, Scotland & Wales. In 1966 the Association of Irish Indoor Bowls played in their first International Series which was held in Glasgow. The following year 1967 the first International Series was held in Belfast and to coincide with that event the British Isles Championships in Singles, Pairs and Fours was introduced, with the legendary David J .Bryant (England) winning the singles trophy and England & Wales winning the pairs & fours respectively. In 1972 Triples were added to the Championships followed by Junior Under 25 Singles in1988 and Over 60’s Fours in 2009.

The first ladies British Isles Championships were held in 1973 and also consisted of Singles, Pairs & Fours, Triples was added1977 and Junior Under 25 Singles followed in 2002.

In 2000 the Channel Islands were invited for a 2 year trial period to send participants to play in the Championships and have remained much valued members of the BIIBC since.

In March 2009 the first Joint Ladies & Men’s Championships and International Series were played at Belfast IBC. BIIBC President Cecil Davidson described it in the official programme as “unique”. Joint Championships & International Series have been played ever since.

After prolonged on and off negotiations  between the BIIBC & BIWIBC history was finally achieved when in March 2019 at Falcon IBC, Chelmsford, England the BIIBC & BIWIBC agreed to unify and become one governing body to be known as the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council(BIIBC).The first Presidential Officers of the unified body being President Maurice Mayes(England),Senior Vice President Jane Type MBE (Wales), Junior Vice President Rod Coleman (Ireland). At the same meeting the title of the Secretary/Treasurer was changed to Chief Executive Officer.


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